Can’t Miss It Reading List: New Books on Population

The bad news is that overpopulation alarmism is back with a vengeance.  The good news is that there are two new books that give you the tools to challenge it, both by progressive authors who support reproductive, environmental and climate justice.

In the New Internationalist’s No-Nonsense Guide to World Population, Vanessa Baird takes on the major myths about overpopulation and introduces the reader to the real drivers of poverty, environmental degradation and climate change.  This short, readable, well-researched book belongs in the pocket of everyone who cares about these issues.  It is in the fine New Internationalist tradition of popular development education.

Too Many People: Population, Immigration and the Environmental Crisis by Ian Angus and Simon Butler does a brilliant job of dissecting ‘overpopulation’ numbers and logic while simultaneously building the case for an ecological revolution that challenges capitalist valuations of people and nature. Angus is the editor of the well-known online journal, Climate and Capitalism, and Butler is the co-editor of Green Left Weekly in Australia.

Don’t choose between these books! Get them both: order from your favorite local or collectively run bookstore, or request them at the library, and share with your friends.

Betsy Hartmann, Director of PopDev, is a longstanding activist in the international women’s health movement. See her website for information about her books and other publications.



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