Apply the Brakes! Anti-Immigrant Co-optation of the Environmental Movement

The Center for New Community has released a report on an anti-immigrant network working to co-opt the environmental movement, when people of color, labor and social justice organizations’ engagement with that movement is critical to its survival and relevance.

Apply the Brakes: A Report on Anti-immigrant Co-optation and the Environmental Movement exposes ongoing efforts to link domestic population growth, and specifically immigration, with environmental degradation; “displacing blame from the negative influence of economic globalization [and overconsumption] onto populations that are the worst impacted.”

The CNC report investigates the leadership of the relatively new anti-immigrant network Apply the Brakes, which draws its inspiration and direction from white nationalist John Tanton and population “stabilization” activist Bill Elder, both of whom played significant roles in attempting to shift the Sierra Club into a position of extreme immigration restriction in the late 1990s.

The report is a complex and important story about the struggle against racism in the modern mainstream environmental movement: download it in full here.


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