Pregnancy a “Punishable Offense” in US Army

According to this BBC article soldiers in Iraq who become pregnant not only face being sent home but could now also face a possible court martial. Male partners could also face potential consequences. The new policies directly criminalize women and [female] reproductive activity. The discouragement of general sexual activity is blurred, however, by the following statement… “He [Gen Anthony Cucolo] said married soldiers in combat zones should either put their love lives on hold – or take precautions.” On one hand, while the new policy seems to condemn sex and sexuality, it also encourages some type of birth control use (not to mention that it denies any recognition of partners who are not married or LGBTQ people thanks to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell). Additionally, is unclear in the article how this applies to soldiers and military personnel outside combat zones. I have to ask if pregnancy would be so stigmatized and punishable if abortion were accessible through the Military Health System and de-stigmatized?



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