When intentions DO matter

RH Reality Check posted an article by the Population Connection president, John Seager. I did a double-take when reading the article and found myself agreeing with some ideas here: “The simple fact of the matter is this: climate change is largely caused by the high emissions from wealthy industrialized nations. These are places where population is growing slowly if at all. To claim that we can solve climate change solely by addressing population growth in countries where emissions are low is silly. And to suggest that people in the high emitting countries can contribute birth control to poor people instead of cutting back on their own consumption is offensive.” And being put off by others, here: “Unfortunately, for too long, population has been ignored as part of the climate change equation….Universal access to family planning must be a centerpiece of the climate change agenda in Copenhagen and beyond.”

Reproductive justice, social justice and human rights include having and making families when and how someone chooses to do so. This argument is nowhere to be found in Seager’s post and thus keeps me from backing it. Providing contraception to reduce climate change and linking the number of people to climate change is a direct means of population control and directly contradicts basic facets of reproductive justice.


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