Mercenaries in the “Marketplace of Violence”: Private Military Contractors and the Future of War


Check out Pat Hynes’ new piece, Mercenaries in the “Marketplace of Violence.” Hynes writes: “The media spotlight on U.S. troop buildup in Afghanistan and drawdown in Iraq obscures the prevalence of private military contractors in both conflicts. These corporate warriors are a potent but barely perceptible component of U.S. militarism and foreign policy. Private military employees relieved the government from instituting a draft to cover the personnel needs of two concurrent, stalemated wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, these wars have been called the first U.S. contractor wars; and they herald a future in which waging war no longer requires citizens, only money. Ceding armed conflict and ultimately national security to the private market of military contractors is a dire and disastrous trend.” Read the full piece here.


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