When ICE and the local authorities team up…

…women are heavily targeted and their actions criminalized. Last week “State and local police and federal officials Wednesday afternoon arrested three women on prostitution charges and six others for immigration violations during simultaneous raids on several area massage salons in Hampden and Hampshire counties.”

The joint forces of ICE and the local police exemplify a strategic and targeted crack down. I ask: who is being protected by these raids? And, who is made safer? Only women were arrested in the raids, which are part of an “investigation, which remains ongoing.” This means we can anticipate further targeting. According to the Urban Justice Center’s report, Kicking Down the Door: The Use of Raids to Fight Trafficking in Persons: “There is no avenue for trafficked persons who are identified after a prosecution has been completed to access protections and assistance; and People who do not immediately cooperate with anti-trafficking prosecutions may be held for prolonged periods in immigration detention or as material witnesses.” Read more from the Urban Justice Center here.


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