Expulsion of Migrants to Make Room for Environment and Tourists

What happens when the preservation of nature and tourism meet? According to the Puerty Ayora Journal, the answer is population control. The journal featured this article, via the NY Times citing an increasing number of official expulsions of poor Ecuadorian migrants to curb island population while maintaining the space for tourists to visit the island. The article cites the island’s original development of present-day regulations (including subsidies) as one of the reasons for the growing population, in addition to pets and every-day human activity. According to the article:

“By limiting the population, officials hope to preserve the natural wonders that bolster one of Ecuador’s most profitable sectors: tourism. But the measures are feeding a backlash among unskilled migrants who say they are being punished while the country continues to enjoy the many millions of dollars tourists bring to Ecuador, one of South America’s poorest nations.” Read more here.

The NY Times requires a password for login–a subscription is free! You can also download the PDF version of the article here (112.37 KB).


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