“Greening” Population Control

 A new angle to condom usage has been delivered–use condoms to stop global warming! Commissioned by The Optimum Population Trust stealth-fully veils a their mission of population control by a green, earth-friendly title. It is not surprising that a organization with a mission of population control would take such a strategic angle.

The unquestionable support of the study from Alternet and at RH Reality Check is what gets me. Discussing family-planning as “cost-effective” assigns a cost and worth to bodies. Focusing on reproduction blames women and families for global warming. The study also highlights how if we were just able to meet the “unmet needs” of family planning for women across the world–for women who want but don’t receive family planning–then global warming could be closer to being controlled. With this sentiment, the blame is shifted to those without access to family-planning. I believe that everyone should have access to health services they need, want and deserve. Are we willing to promote reproductive health by means and agendas that compromise autonomy and individual respect? Instead of forwarding reproductive health in the name of climate change I would like to see it forwarded as a human right based in human dignity.


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