High Carbon Impact of Children or Further Control and Blame of Women’s Bodies?

 The NY Times published this article about a new study discussing the impact of not having children as an “energy saving behavior.” According to the NY Times:

“Take, for example, a hypothetical American woman who switches to a more fuel-efficient car, drives less, recycles, installs more efficient light bulbs, and replaces her refrigerator and windows with energy-saving models. If she had two children, the researchers found, her carbon legacy would eventually rise to nearly 40 times what she had saved by those actions.”

RH Realty Check reports on the article as a new insight into making “smart reproductive decisions” for a “greener” world. What is more apparent, however, is 1) a not-so subtle suggestion that women’s body and women’s fertility should be further controlled and 2) blaming women who reproduce for climate change and environmental degredation. We need to look at how we live, not who is living. How are resources distributed? Why are we being asked to “drive less” when perhaps we could be asked to stop driving? To cite a co-worker, we are encouraged to continue buying and consuming products (as long as they are “green”). Buying products is not our path to a happy and healthy environment.


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